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Resource Explanatory Notes

All phosphate tonnes and grade numbers on this website are not current reserves as defined by SEC Industry Guide No. 7 on reportable reserves, they are historical non compliant reserves. A figure of 1329 million tonnes at 16% P2O5 for all landholdings of which the Company has an interest, is derived from the most recently published government1 and academic records2 and has therefore been used in various past reports, however it should be noted that significant drill hole data is not available to definitively show the relationship between current landholding boundaries and the spatial geometry of the phosphate ore bodies. At Paradise and Lady Jane it is known that historical landholding relinquishments occurred in order to retain the main 1973 reserve areas only. Publicly available maps3 for Paradise and Lady Jane showing deposit thickness, areal extent and 1973 reserve categories have been used to estimate that approximately 80% of the historical global resource estimate of 486 million tonnes is contained on current Legend landholdings and 100% of the 1973 reserve areas. This means that out of the total historical global estimates of 1329 million tonnes for all project areas it is more likely that approximately 1240 million tonnes exist on our current landholding boundaries, although without detailed drilling data this is difficult to estimate accurately. Current economic parameters, metallurgical flotation methods, and resource/reserve calculation parameters may change this tonnage and will be validated and re-estimated in accordance international standards with upcoming drill programs and metallurgical testing being conducted by Legend. The information enclosed within with respect to resource tonnage and grade is conditional on the grant of applicable tenements from the Queensland Government in Australia.  Grant of exploration permits, mineral development licences and mining leases are subject to numerous risks including but not limited to environmental regulation and native title claims. In addition, the overall tonnages and grade quoted would change if any of the exploration tenements on application are not granted.


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  2. Howard, P.F, 1986 ' The D-Tree phosphate deposit, Georgina Basin, Australia' in Phosphate Deposits of the World - Volume 1: Proterozoic and Cambrian phosphorates, Edited by P.J. Cook and J.H. Shergold, p556, Cambridge University Press, 1986.
  3. Queensland Government Department of Mines and Energy - Open File Reports for EPM16942 & EMP14753
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